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2012 Annual Network Meeting: Team Building

During the first morning together we took part in a team building session 'Beach Olympics', which helped to strengthen the unity of our members by establishing and developing a greater sense of cooperation and trust between our delegates. The session saw pre-arranged teams compete against each other for the prestigious 'UFO Gold Medal' and as well as being great fun, proved to be a good 'ice breaking' event before the start of our 1-2-1 meetings.
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Before joining the UFO in 2004, we had almost resigned ourselves to always subcontracting our shipments. In the process we not only got short-changed on commissions but were also rewarded with sometimes very shody service! We could not change the way these guys did things because we were not part of them. Then we got wind of UFO and, suddenly, a new and exciting way of doing business began for us.
Vision Freight, Zimbabwe